Reverend Frederick A. Wenner

Fred Wenner retired in 2004 after more than 40 years as a pastor to congregations in Pennsylvania and Maryland.  Throughout his ministry he was frequently engaged with aging church members who were unprepared for the critical times when they required assistance, either at home or in a retirement facility.  As he faces his upcoming move to a retirement facility, he readily admits that lessons learned from others who made this transition decades ago have helped to inform his family's intentional planning.

With his wife Fran, Fred has eight children, four biological and four adopted, and thirteen grandchildren.  In addition, for a quarter century Fran and Fred were foster parents to more than fifty children, many of whom had special needs including life-long struggles with mental illnesses.  Several of their former foster children, their children and grandchildren, continue to be an important part of the Wenner family.

The Wenners' motivation for comprehensive retirement planning comes from a twofold concern for their children.  First, Fred and Fran hope that if they make the hard decisions while they're still able, they might spare their children the wrenching chore of making such decisions for them.  Also, because some of their children have special needs, provisions for their ongoing care need to be included in the Wenners' overall estate plans. 

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