Leaving Home

No matter how much you prepare, live wisely and well, there may come a day when it is best to leave home. Sometimes an event forces this decision; sometimes it’s just the right time. Sometimes it’s downsizing to a smaller or safer residence. Sometimes it’s relocating to be nearer to a caregiver and loved ones. Sometimes it’s a move to a Short Term Care Facility after surgery or a stroke, and then a move back home. Sometimes it’s a permanent move to a Long Term Care Facility. No matter what instigates the move from home, there are a lot of things to consider, and a lot of choices to make, sometimes under pressure and duress during trying times. Being prepared and pre-planning can make this move much easier. There are also a lot of resources and information to make this move less trying.

Being prepared and pre-planning will allow you to best control your future. Learn about the choices and information prior to HAVING to learn under trying times. If you are admitted to a hospital and discharged, you may have to choose a facility to be moved to. The Discharge Planner may give you three days to choose a facility. That is not enough time to find a facility that’s best for you or your loved one. The best thing to do is to learn about all the choices before you’re forced to. This will allow you to have a plan, and already know which facility or hospital you want to move into.

Being prepared empowers you to control your future even during the most trying times. It’s best to make these choices while you have the time and knowledge and power to do so. Be prepared, well informed, and empowered to control even the most difficult decisions you’ll ever make.

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