Home Safety Technology

Look around your house and see where technology is in use.  Appliances, video and audio equipment, computers, and small machines all make life more convenient.  Technology affects how we live and this is also true as we age.  Aging in Place is a term used to describe a person living independently, comfortably in their surroundings, and safely as they age and live in a residence for a long time.  Certified Aging in Place Specialists (CAPS) are people trained to communicate the technology available to modify the home so it remains a safe place to live.  Not all construction companies pursue this type of business.  Many would like to make major renovations which are expensive and not really needed.  Small changes like building entrance steps, leveling areas in the home, installing a ramp from the back door are all changes which aren't expensive and can make a meaningful difference for the person trying to remain in their home.  This can also postpone moving into a long term care facility for several years and save significant retirement resources. 

Home safety technology for the person planning for the future can mean buying an induction stove.  This product works with technology that allows the burner to cool immediately when turned off.  Accidents and fires can be avoided with this technology used in a basic every day appliance.  Planning your future means you consider this option when replacing your old stove.  Remote Patient Monitoring allows the older adult with chronic disease to stay at home while taking vital signs which can be wirelessly sent to a caregiver or physician monitoring their condition.  Therefore, a person with Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) doesn't need to drive to the medical clinic for a check-up. 

Situational awareness is a concept to monitor conditions and a person’s movement over time and signal changes that could be a warning sign of a deteriorating health condition.  Motion sensors can be used to track the frequency a person moves around the house or performs certain tasks like going to the refrigerator, climbing up the steps or going to the bathroom.  The issue today is how you will manage and plan for the future with what you know today and planning for changing circumstances.


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