Living With Your Chronic Disease

Chronic disease by definition lasts a lifetime.  People with chronic diseases like high blood pressure, heart failure, diabetes, and arthritis have developed these conditions over time and should have a future plan to limit their impact as much as possible.  You are the best person to know everything about your condition so be informed about your medical history, trends and treatment by getting information from your family, physicians and caregivers.  From that you can put together a plan which can benefit your general condition and help you live with the disease.  Chronic conditions can change quickly for the better or worse so developing a healthy approach to eating, exercise and medication management and documenting your vital signs is important.  Mistakes in medication management cause over 60% of hospital re-admissions and should be avoided by having a family member or trained nurse help facilitate the medications you will take in order to keep your treatment plan on track.

Home health care agencies can offer assistance with training caregivers, setting up a plan, providing reminders and suggestions which methods make the most sense.  Seek the professionals who can help identify the training, tools, and products that will keep you healthy and in a state of recovery.  Home health care can also set up a plan for remote patient monitoring for basic vital signs related to your chronic condition.  The most frequently checked vital signs are blood pressure, heart rate, weight, and blood glucose.  Those measurements are taken in the home by simple devices and information transmitted wirelessly through monitoring devices to caregivers and physicians.  Being actively involved in your care can help maintain a positive outlook on your current condition and future course of treatment.      

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