Create Your Future Roadmap

A roadmap is a planning tool you can use to organize and control your future.  You have a better chance of meeting goals that are thought-out, documented and known to others who may help you achieve them.  Roadmap plans view life as a continuous process from earlier in your life through aging adulthood. 

An aging adult can also create a roadmap to anticipate what may happen in a future path.  An “event” occurs when an accident, stroke, or fall affects a person and their family.  This has a traumatic impact on the person’s family because it was sudden and unexpected.  This then forces the family to consider the circumstances of the older adult while under pressure which can be very difficult and expensive.  Family members who may not get together often must now work to solve a situation that is very fluid and involves a person they all love and care for.

Creating a roadmap plan for the future that may anticipate an event doesn't have to be a morbid task.  Communication among family members about the possibility of a stroke or fall of an aging parent creates a sense of direction and a time line for action when the event does happen.  There is a lot you can decide if done ahead of time.  Choosing a hospital, physicians to call, relatives to contact, travel plans can all be prepared in advance and updated periodically.  Having a written document also creates commitment for those involved.  Use this roadmap tool to better control your future.


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