Hospital Visits

Common sense tells us when visiting someone in the hospital don't be sick, bring children, or stay too long and want to be entertained by the patient.  However, when you are admitted to a hospital for treatment or a procedure, preparation can add to your control of the situation and make for a successful outcome.  Your physicians may work out of a certain hospital and if that is the case, plan a visit.  Visit the emergency and specialty care areas, rehabilitation department, and talk to people going through the process.  If you have an option visit several facilities so you know what to expect.  Think about what you need to take and what to leave at home.  Also be prepared to sign a lot of paperwork which is required to describe services in detail and protect the facility and the patient.

Rehabilitation may be at the hospital or at a nearby independent facility so visit them so you are familiar with the process.  To control your future be informed about which home care agency the hospital or rehab facility recommends for your condition and learn as much as you can about their practices.  Talk to the discharge planners who are the social workers assigned to recommend agencies and help you make a selection.  It is your decision where you go.  Being prepared will help you stay in control.

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