Difficult Discussions

Perhaps the most important tool that elders have available to help them maintain control of their lives is good communications with family, healthcare professionals, and caregivers. If healthy communication does not exist then essential support can be missed. The wrong decisions can be made. Important health problems may be overlooked.

Good communication needs to be supported and maintained by all participants.  Elders are sometimes afraid to communicate properly because they fear moving into a nursing home or giving control of their lives away. Sometimes elders don’t want to be seen as week or feeble. Sometimes it’s just embarrassing to talk with family members about certain subjects.

Adult children need to maintain control of their frustrations, fears, and emotions. If they don’t then they may actually make it more difficult for the elders to be honest and upfront about the issues being discussed.

There are many resources available that can help adult children understand the thought process of their now elderly parents, and what their goals may be. Go out and find these resources, and learn as much as you can so you can be better prepared to communicate with seniors. They need your help, and you want to provide it, but if good communications are not maintained and supported, then good results may be missed.

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