Useful Products

Useful Products can mean anything that helps the older adult navigate their world.  Walkers and Wheelchairs are some of the most useful products.  Walkers have become ubiquitous as people maintain their mobility to go to the store, restaurant, library, even the workout gym.  Wheelchairs have become so automated it is common to see people take a several block trip just to be outside in the fresh air.  This is a sign people don't want to be isolated and want to be in control of their future.

Technology products can be useful to the older adult trying to stay independent in their home.  CONTROLMYFUTURETODAY can give you the information you need to understand how products and services can keep you independent and functioning at a high level.

Useful products are a trend that will grow as people adapt to a changing environment or situation in their lives.  It could mean a stair lift in the home, sensors in the carpet to monitor nighttime movement, sensors to shut off the stove or oven, or even a simple grab bar in the bathroom or garage to prevent a fall.  Useful products will continue to advance as wireless sensor technology, GPS (global positioning systems), and monitoring from hand held devices like cell phones are used to track and report behavior.

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