Community Based Services & Support

Community leaders know the aging adult population is growing and this diverse group needs a way to stay connected and participate in local activities.  Community Based Services help aging adults control their futures by providing an organized services structure for a healthy, independent and safe lifestyle.  Most communities take an activities approach with a lifestyle focused on health and wellness, education opportunities, entertainment, special events, nutritional assistance, and volunteering.  Needs based support is also available for basic food assistance, Meals on Wheels, nutritional guidance, clinical support groups, financial aid and transportation.

Aging adults who want to control their futures will seek out opportunities from community based services to prevent the onset of isolation which can separate them from friends and loved ones.  "Assistance with daily living" is a term describing services that are available for those needing help with the basics of getting through the day.  This can mean transportation, counseling, assistance in dealing with chronic disease, and financial advice on the changing world of government benefits and supports.  The number of people entering the aging adult population will force change which makes the need to plan and consider all options regarding your future even more important.  

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