Aging in Place Advocacy

Aging in Place (AIP) is a buzzword word for aging at home safely and for as long as possible, as opposed to moving to a Long Term Care Facility.  Sometimes it is difficult to find resources and information that allow you to Age in Place successfully. There are many resources available and we hope the following links can help inform you more about becoming connected to information and services that will assist you in doing so.

One of the reasons it is so hard to find resources is that most information out there is based on convincing you to buy a product or service. This can get in the way of you empowering yourself to be the best educated consumer you can be to prevent yourself from being taken advantage of. CONTROLMYFUTURETODAY.COM has this goal in mind, but we are by no means the only site with objective information. We are one of the most complete, but there are other useful sources.

Please keep in mind that this list is by no means a complete list. There may be local services near you that are specific to your area. We can’t list them all, but by providing some, you can learn the terms and buzzwords to find more, and the ones that are local to you.

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