This elder resource website has really helped us. Our neighbor Ethel’s husband had a stroke about six months ago. My wife and I were shocked at the speed at which Ethel had to make decisions about what to do. It quickly became apparent that she was overwhelmed not only with grief, but by the massive amount of information she had to learn in a very short amount of time. It was all very confusing to her and she made some bad decisions, and realized she was completely unprepared for the whole ordeal. It made my wife and I realize that we were unprepared too. We didn’t realize how difficult it had become to be a senior these days. Several months later our daughter told us about CONTROLMYFUTURETODAY. We signed up and have since been educating ourselves and taking action to be prepared for the best and the worst. The site also made us realize how important it was to have our children involved in our future planning. Now both kids are signed up as well and we are confident in being prepared for any event. The best part is when something happens to others we know, it’s easy to direct them to the site to help them react.

William C., Scottsdale AZ


After Dad fell last summer my sister and I have been worried about him.  He lives alone but has friends who come over almost every day.  He lives up-state and I live 120 miles away and my sister lives in New Jersey so we can't get to him as often as we'd like.  He's pretty stable but I've noticed some changes after the fall and I found CONTROLMYFUTURETODAY was good at giving me the information I needed to talk to my sister and come up with a plan for Dad.  We know he needs more than the home care he is getting now and we are going to talk about more local services that can help him get around town, help with meals, and rides to the doctors.  I really think he may have to live with me for a while just to see how things go. Objective information for senior citizens is so hard to find.

Joseph T., Columbia, SC


My husband died a few years ago. Since I’ve been alone for so long I have developed a network of friends and other seniors that talk about the issues we face. There came a point where I needed a hip replacement. It all seemed very simple until a friend explained that there was a lot I could do to prepare. While researching the internet on information I ran across CONTROLMYFUTURETODAY. I joined up because information was hard to find without be heckled about buying something. I’m glad I did! Before the surgery I contacted a contractor that helped me make some small modifications to my home that made recovery so much easier. I realized there was a great deal I learned about that I hadn’t even considered simply because I didn’t know so much was available! Besides preparing the house for my recovery, the renovations the contractor did have made me much more confident moving about my own home. I even get more visitors because my house is so much safer now! I'm also now more confident about living longer at home.

Betty A., Montgomery, AL


We visited my wife’s father a few months ago. He is divorced and lives alone now. We’d visited about six months before, and since then he seemed to have changed a lot. He didn’t seem to have as many friends, he seemed lost and confused, and we noticed he wasn’t taking his medications properly. We quickly found CONTROLMYFUTURETODAY online and became members. Holy cow! We never realized we knew so little about dealing with elderly parents. It kind of frightened us and we quickly started learning. The resources on the site have helped us plan for his future. Especially legal and financial issues we didn’t even know existed. We are now more confident about him living alone. We thought initially that we’d have to move him into a home, or start paying for home nursing. Now we know better, and unless something drastic happens, we think he can live at home for a long time to come.

Jim Z., Farmington Hills, MI


I had a heart attack not too long ago. I’m recovered and back at home now. The worst part was I was the primary caregiver for my wife at the time. She had a stroke two years ago and required a great deal of assistance. Thankfully my kids were members of CONTROLMYFUTURETODAY. Because of this we’d had a plan for just about everything. Only one of the kids had to come back home for a short while to help. I spent some weeks in the hospital, so I wasn’t able to continue assisting my disabled wife. With the plan we had already picked out a hospital for me, and a temporary facility for my wife. I finally recovered and moved back home. The plan already had a Home Health Care agency picked out that provided in home rehab for me until I was well enough to care for my wife again. We moved her back home and things are now back to normal. I talk to friends of ours at church that are terrified of things like this happening. Even to the point of losing their homes. I’m appreciative of CONTROLMYFUTURETODAY because it not only helped us get through a terrible ordeal, but now I’m far less concerned about our future. In fact, if something happens again, I’m confident about moving my wife and I together into the facility she lived in while I was in the hospital. It was a rather nice place and I think we would enjoy living there if something else happens. I’ve visited friends in other nursing homes that I know I wouldn’t feel the same way about. I thank God we were, and are, prepared.

Cliff L., Medford, OR

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